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Robert Lee
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i just bought 2 subwoofers that i though were the same, well they are just different voice coil. I have 1 cerwin vega vega 124 and one vega 12d4 both are hooked up to a kicker kx600.1 and their wired the same cause we didnt know that one was dvc should that make a difference. are they both still running at the same amount of ohms.

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youve wired them the same. youve probably only wired 1 voice coil on the dvc sub so its running at half power. you cant really wire them both at the same impedance without the risk of blowing the amp

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I believe you can damage a DVC sub by only running one. GW said once that you should never run only one coil on a DVC sub.
As well, as long as the impedances of the subs are higher than what the amp is running at, you'll be able to run it, albeit maybe not safely.
If you can match the impedances, you should be ok, although you should probably only run the same type of subs across the same amp.
Assuming one sub is 4 ohms, and the the other sub is 4 ohm DVC, then you could wire it to 3 ohms. Like I said though, I don't know how safe that is going to be.

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if you wire it to 3 ohms tho. are you thinking of having the dvc sub running at 8 ohms at the single one will be at 4. if you do this the the svc sub will be running at twice the power of the dvc sub, because it'll be running at half the impedance of the dvc sub.
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