lots of rain? Does it affect performance?


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I was wondering if subs are affected by high humidity, or any other part of the system for that matter. I would imagine that the density of the air would affect the subs ability to move the air...any comments?

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i would say if any, not noticable to the human ear.

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Yeah, your probably not gonna hear it. I meen, if it were extreme humidity, like 100% maybe something would happen, but even then I doubt it. Water won't condense on your sub because they get warm, so you wouldn't have to worry about that aspect.

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yes humidity, altitude above sea level, and numerous other factors will affect both peak SPL and performance, but none of this is harmful per se. They just have atmospheric effects on the air and how the speakers move that air.
This is one reason that older mics and RTAs used for SPL events had such wildly varied responses and pre-termlabs mics, people would have several dB difference from one event to the next.
All of the above factors affected the mic's response as well as that of the system.

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Do termlab mics factor in all of these different factors to come up with a constant number that would be the sound at sea level in low humidity, etc.?
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