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hey. I just bought and installed a Clarion APA450 4-Channel amp 50X4 continuous to run my component speakers. Couple of questions:

Everythings hooked up. My rear speakers sound good and work fine, but I can't hear the fronts and I hear a light ticking noise. When I turned it up louder one of the fronts made a sound like it was being overpushed or something even though there was no audible sound coming out of it.

I am using speaker-level inputs and when I disconnected them and just touched the wires together without the amp in between they played fine, so I know it isn't my wiring and when I switched the front and rear speaker inputs on the amp, the fronts played fine, but the rears didn't.

So, do you think the amp is broken? I am only using 10 gauge wire instead of 8 to power and ground. Would this cause only one of the channels to work?

Finally, there is a statement in the clarion manual I don't get. It says:

"WARNING: When using speaker (high-level) inputs, the Black wire must be grounded at the radio. Failure to do so will result in noise and/or improper operation."

Does this mean I should run my ground wire from my amp in the back all the way to my head unit in the front? The amp didn't come with a "Black wire" so I am not sure which one they are speaking of. I thought I was suppossed to ground it close to the amp itself.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Judge S.

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