New head unit.... new speakers??


Mike Grazzo
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So I successfully installed a new pioneer head unit and it looks beautiful. It works like a charm, however when I turn up the volue more than about half way, the speakers get all crackly and static like.... they're fine when the volume is lower. I'm not sure of the watts of the speakers but you think I just need to replace my speakers with ones that can handle the power or is the problem something else.

Also... is the tape playing head unit that I took out worth anything? It's old and used... would it be worth the trouble selling it?

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It depends on ur pioneer but most if not all pioneer Head units put out 22 watts rms per channel. Most stock speakers can handle only around 5 watts. I did the same thing w/ my pioneer head unit. i did not replace the speakers and when i turned up the volume i blew every speaker at once and melted my ground wire. if i were u i would definitely replace ur speakers, even if they r sum cheap ones. i would suggest infinity's if u want them, their pretty cheap and very good quality. Replace ur speakers soon becuz when i melted the wire i had 2 wait 2 months be4 i got a replacement because the factory had to fix it. it sucked.

as far as ur other Q, i just kept my old deck and never did anything. really the only ppl who would want it are old ppl who got new cars w/ cd players and they only have tapes, or ppl whose deck was stolen and they need sumtin to tide them over until they get a new 1.

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mostly the distortion is your speakers.
an amplifier, a high-pass filter, and new speakers would be an ideal fix.
adding a sub would fill in anything missing.
the OEM stereo, you could sell on eBay. there's always some market for factory replacement units.

Girlie Girl
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Does anyone know about audio in a Citroen CX?? I'm buying the Prestige model (the long one), and this is the system I'm thinking of putting in it:
Alpine CDA-9831 HU, Boston Acoustics FS50 Comp,1 Phoenix Gold Octane R12 woofer, Phoenix Gold Octane R 2.01 amp. I'm also going to use the Alpine iPod interface unit. Will this system sound great, with full bass, clear vocals? I'm worried about the Boston Acoustic speakers not working at capacity with just the power from the HU. Is that a real problem?? Thanks
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