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if i were to buy this amp, what exactly would the rms be. and also, what mtx subs would you recommend to go along with this amp. (i want to get 2 12" subs)

here is the amp

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Find a 12 that needs 150 watt's rms and get 2 of them. Make sure they are 2ohm dvc and wire them to a 1 ohm load. With that done, each sub will have around 155 watts rms so your total power will be about 300 watt's. Not a lot, but if you get that amp it is the only way to do this!

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ok first off you dont have to wire it that way. also 2 isnt always better than one. i have the same exact amp and 1 12" Cerwin Vega V-Max. it pounds. you could go with 2 but i think 1 good sub sounds better than 2 cheaper or 2 underpowered subs. also for wiring.
2 subs ) either get 2 dual 2 ohm subs and wire each sub in parrallel and then wire the subs in series together. or get 2 single voice coil 4ohm subs and wire them in parrallel. both ways will give you 2 ohm load.

1 sub ) either get a single voice coil 2ohm sub or a dual 4ohm sub.

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well how would i wire it cuz even tho its a mono amp, it has two terminals [+] [-] [+] [-], how would i wire it to that, its almost like a 2 channel amp but its not =morephotos&pi=3&i=236T421D&display=L#Tab

even tho this isnt the amp, i know that it has this on it, how would i wire my subs so that it goes to both channels? if you could please show me a diagram

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oh yea, john i got another question for you, my freind has the 251d amp and it is really loud, is yours pretty loud?
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