Installing linear actuators


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Its me again margret... :-)
Ive been looking for options to install a system in my truck. I have many variables to work around. The largest one being my wife. She does not want to give up her cargo space. With that said i think my only option is to go with raised floor in the rear. I'd like to use linear actuators to hide/show my amps, crossovers, etc. The problem is, i see very little on install practices for these . Lets take for example, this guy....
The problem here is its base length. 15 3/8" long extending out to 21 1/4". The raised floor will be 6 inches high max. So mounting them vertically is out of the question.

So maybe if a saw how they were commonly installed i could get an idea of how to design my back end. Are there any sites that show you how to install these? or can someone give me some verbal tips?
I did a google search on the subject but came up with very limited info.

Also on a side note, ive been looking for real-time spectrum analyzer units, ive noticed alot of software for pda's or laptopts to do this. Will this software work in place of an actual piece of equipment, or are the reading from the software totally dependant on how good my mic/laptop soundcard is?

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depends on how good of an analyzer you want.
If you're after a real RTA, you'll need to get an actual RTA, with a preamp/mic that's tuned for C-weighted curve for SPL ranges you'll be working in. Audiocontrol has a couple they offer, but none are cheap.

As for actuators, there's no one common way to use them. It's a completely custom sort of thing, so fabrication is entirely up to the installer.
What kind of vehicle are you using?

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Hey Glass. Thanks for replying
Im installing in the rear end of a toyota rav4. Its crazy i finally get a vehichle that has plenty of space, and im thinking fill it to the max with audio equipment. The wife says "in your dreams buddy" :-) anywho.

the eventual goal with this is to be able to take it to at least 1 year of iasca or usaci sq competition.
Im not completly happy with the area ive been given to work with. Im trying to have a stealth appearence, but with these dimensions the only way i can mount the sub is facing up. I think its going to look pretty stupid seeing nothing else but a 12" right in the middle with a grille cover slapped over it. (which prompts another question. What is the minimum clearance of a down firing sub?)
The best i can figure is i have a total area of 33" L-R X 24" F-B X 7.5" high to play with. If my calculations are correct my enclusure will be 15.5" X 15.5" X 7.5"
That will leave me a 24" X 16.5" X 7.5" rectangle on either side for equipment. or i can ofset to make one larger compartment. Id prefer a vertical movement to a horizontal one, but if push comes to shove ill deal with what i can get. Any ideas you may have will be welcomed with open ears i assure you.

Thanks in advance

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er, you want to put stuff in your daily driver, that you share with your wife, and then use the car in competitions? what do you do if there's a comp and you wife wants to use the rav to got the mall with her friends? i can hear the fighting now...

sounds like you could solve all your problems by getting another car. then you could do what you want with "all" the space.

my $.02

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no kidding.. or sell the wife and get a second car.

ok, instead of using twelves for SQ events, why not consider going with an 8" or 10" sub, in a quarter-wave transmission line enclosure?
the sub be smaller, and the box can be removed if the wife needs the space.

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I too need linear actuator advice. As how do i go about using a linear actuator for a tailgate of a 1990 Ford Bronco??? Should i use 1 heavy duty actuator or 2 smaller ones??? And what length? Also, another one to use for the tailgate window because those motors just suck??? Thanks

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Hey Rich, you could always do what I'm doing. See my cardomain page (page 2). I'm putting an amp under each front seat, putting my cap under the same seat as the bass amp. The only thing that you will see is the sub and the custom figerglass enclosure. I did this for the same reason you're thinking of it.
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