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Bernie Calazan
hi m asking for an Eclipse in dash cd head unit stack, and MB quart q series components, magnat 4 channel amps and a jensen 12" tube subs. do i still have to buy an equalizer ?

Hello i have a 1970 camaro can anybody tell me what kind of spk box i can use to get some nice
bass? i have 760W 2ch pioneer amp and One 2ch kenwood 800w amp what kind oof spk will work 3 10's or 2 12's please help me the only solution i have is to get a custom box made any ideas?

i have a 1970 camaro rs w/flowmasters and headers
its somewhat loud, currently i am runing one 12'
kiker comp VR w/a 2 ch 760w pioneer amp briged
model gmx962 it gives out ok bass i guess while
inside the car.I want smething that you can hear me coming from 2 blocks away any ideaS? Keep in mind the trunk space on these cars is very limited and small. i just bougth a 800W kenwood amp 2 ch model kac-7102 is this any good. please help me out anybody i need suggestion.

farmer sheepfaka
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this is for andres estrella. Buying an equalizer is determined by how well you want your system to sound. If you notie there is a serious lack in one frequency range of the music (ex. highs, mids) then you would need an equalizer. as for your system now, you have a great headunit and mb speakers. but do away with the amp, and definatly get rid of those s h i t jensen subs. get Jl subs, much better. and for amps, JL or phoenix gold. youll be off to a great start

Chance Jensen
Unregistered guest
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