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I recently had a new CD deck installed at BestBuy. The installation was free, but I decided to also have them install an amp for me as well. However, they couldn't fully install it because they would have to use their parts (amp kit) and I already had my own. They compromised and ran the wires for me, but they didn't plug them into the amp. Essentially, all I would have to do is plug the wires into the amp and I'd be up and running.

I plugged in the two RCA cables into the input section. I plugged the power cable into the 12v section. I plugged the Remote wire into the REM section. And I ran the ground wire from the amp to the frame, however, I couldn't find a bolt, so I just taped it to the frame with electrical tape.

I turned my system on and the amp's power indicator didn't turn green. It did nothing. I thought it might have something to do with my ground wire so I tried moving that around to different parts and holding it to the frame. Still, nothing is happening.

Anybody know what might be the problem. I was thinking it was my ground wire. I could use a longer ground wire so I could find a bolt, but I have not done that yet. How necessary is it that the ground wire be connected to a bolt? As for everything else, I'm pretty sure its hooked up right. I'm pretty pissed to say the least.

Something strange is that my CD Deck won't read my auxilary. Its a pioneer. I'm pretty confused right now. If anybody has any troubleshooting ideas I'd appreciate it.

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Username: Shivvyman

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I should note that I haven't checked the fuses. It is a brand new amp and I tried pulling them out but they were stuck in pretty solidly. I guess I'll give them a look tomarrow. I don't see how I could have a bad fuse when I haven't even touched the amp yet.

Also, I haven't tried hooking up any speakers. I didn't bother when I saw the power indicator light not turn green. I'm assuming whether you have any speakers hooked up or not has no bearing on the power indicator.

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is order to get a good connection you should scarpe the paint from the frame if any is there and bolt it down with a self tappin screw... also try checkin the fuse if that doesnt work

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Keep the ground as short as possible and make sure it has a good connection as tj said.

The power indicator will also turn on whether or not a load is present.
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