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what are ohlms and what do they do and are more or less better? some one plz help me, what will i have to know to "know what im talking about" when it comes to amps?

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ohms are a measure of resistance...and is a "feature", so-to-say, of electrical systems. it's something you learn about in physics class...Ohms Law. more or less doesn't make it better or worse. usually though, for audio systems less resistance will maximize the power coming out of an amp. the number of subs, the resistance of those subs, and how you wire them determines what the resistance of the whole set-up. a good place to start to learn about all this stuff is www.bcae1.com

also if you go through this message board and read what people are saying, you will be able to start to get the hang of this car audio stuff...good luck!

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Ya say a amp put's out 500 watt's rms at 1 ohm, then at 2 ohm's it will put out 250 watt's, and at 4 ohms it will only put out 125 watt's. So the lower ohm load your amp can handle, the more power it will likely put out.
Also your subs pick out the amp you use, for example you have an amp that put's out 500 whatt's at 2 ohm's. Let's say your subs need 250 watt's each, so to get a to ohm load your subs need to be 2 ohm dvc and wire them in paralel to get a 1 ohm load. Then wen you wire both subs at 1 ohm you will have a 2 ohm load and each sub will be geting 250 watt's.
Hope you could understand that:-)

wire them paralel whats that?

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paralel is + to + and - to - from you amp to sub i belive im learnin too

dont u alwayz connect + to + and - to -?

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not always, no.
wiring in parallel requires connecting positives of speaker terminals together. Same with negatives.
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