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I've got an eclipe 3532 5-channel, and for the time being I only want to hook up my fronts to it. I hooked it up the following way: front right + to rear right -, front left + to rear left -. The sub channel was empty. In this config, I got nothing out of the right channel. I then hooked up the front right and front left + to -, leaving the rear and sub channels empty, I still get nothing out of the right. The only way I can get anything out of the right is to hook the right channel up to the sub.

I'd like to bridge the fronts across 2 channels each, but it seems the amp only works properly if the sub channel if filled. If anyone is familiar with this amp and can help me out, I'd appreciate it.


P.S. - Glasswolf, thanks for all your help so is appreciated.

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see if you can download the manual from eclipse-web for that model, or a similar 5 channel model amp.
you should be able to bridge four channels to two, and use them without a sub connected.
If the fifth channel is class-D, it may have some trick with the internal power supply that needs to see a load on the sub terminals, and there may be a bridge adapter you're missing.
I'm not too sure in this case without RTFM or having it in front of me to stick on a bench.

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Neither the manual that came with it nor the web site have in info on this problem. I'm gonna talk with the people where I bought it. There is a switch to toggle between 4 and 5 channel mode, but again, the manual and web site are not helpful on how this should be set for my setup. Thanks for the help.


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well if you're not running a sub, it should be set to 4 channel mode.

that may be your problem right there

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Make sure it is set to 4 channel mode and double check the inputs you have your rca's connected to.
That amp is rated at 40x4 @ 8ohms ... you shouldn't need to bridge it at all to run a pair of front speakers only.
Just put it in 4 channel mode only hook up rca's to the front inputs (make sure they are hooked up to your deck correctly) and try that.


p.s. if you have a great set of 3 way components or highend 2 way components that require more power than the amp provides normally let me know the make and model of speakers and I will look into the amp question more.

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I hooked up my sub and continued to have the same problem. Either the sub wouldn't come on or the front right wouldn't come on. I went back to tweeter and asked for help. The reason I wasn't getting anything when I bridged is because I only had RCAs going to the front input to the amp...nothing to the rears. This meant that the rear channels were getting no signal, and were in effect off. I didn't think this would matter, as I'm only using the negative terminal, but apparently it does. I solved the problem by splitting the fronts and plugging them into front and rear input to amp.

Yes, I pay more going to a chain store, but they're helpful and there when I have problems. It's a trade-off. (I did get my sub from ebay though)

Thanks again for all your help.

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