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hi, i just had a se audio worker send me a fax on the dimentions and stuff on a 15" X.X.X. sub enclosure. i told him i wanted a box more for spl. so he faxed me the paper with the dimentions... i got it and there was 6 options (for diff. sub sizes) they were either sq or sql boxes. he circled the 15" sq. its ported. the difference between the 15" sq box and the 15" sql box was the piece labeled h. that peice was inside the box for a larger path of air flow. do u think he just circled the wrong box dimentions, or will the larger air flow path make it louder... please help me!

and the sq box was 4 cubic feel, and the sql box was 6 cubic feet, which one would be better for spl? and whats the diff between sq and a sql box?


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a sq box is total sound quality box. a sql box is a sound quality box with more bass output than a sq box. SO for "instance" say you have the sub in a sq box the spl-142 sq-100% in a sql box spl-145 sq-90%. Now i kno for a fact this chart is'nt all that accurate, because it depends on the box but it's just a lil chart to give you a undersytanding in the differences mayb glass,jon, jeff or somebody will give you a beeter xplanation

yeah but why was the did the guy circle a sq box if i wanted it to be more for spl. and the sq box wasnt sealed it had an opening

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well why dont you ask him? he's the one that circled it.

because it was the weekend, and there closed

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