Can an Eclipse 8454 play prerecorded music from a Memory Stick?


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I want to get a new head unit for my truck. I like the Eclipse 8454 because it has the Memory Stick port. I would like to be able to record music from my laptop onto a memory stick and play it on this HU, is this possible? I've called my local Eclipse dealer and he doesn't know. I've talked to Eclipse Tech support and I keep getting conflicting answers. I can elaborate on these if it helps.

I am wishing to hear from some people who actualy own this equipment.

My forum search didn't dome up with anything that answered this.

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Yes it will. MP3 or WMP format.

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Actually it's not that simple.

I spent the evening at the local stereo shop reading the manual and playing with the unit.

The only practical way to record music on to the memory stick (which must be a magic gate memory stick) is to first load the stick into the head unit. Then you format it with the head unit. Next you can load a CD into the HU and rip the songs from that CD onto the stick. The data will be saved as a compressed ATRAC3.

The manual states that you can not load a CD full of MP3's and transfer them to the memory stick. But the guy at the shop says the unit can be picky but it has let that transfer of mp3's for some of his customers.

What was left wondering is whether or not I could find a program to transfer my music to ATRAC3 and then have those play in the system. this way I don't have to sit around and feed cd's into the unit from the car.

Alas it was discovered that because of the way the face plate folds down it would take some surgery to fit the unit into my Land Rover.

So for me this is all moot. I am back on the search for my new head unit.


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It does NOT allow transference of MP3s or even ATRAC3 files onto the Memory Stick. The CDs must be ripped from the headunit itself... and ATRAC3 quality is pretty crappy IMO.
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