Kicker 10"L7 and hifonics amp


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would a hifonics bx1000D which is rated at
1 X 350 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms
1 X 700 Watts RMS into 2 Ohms
1 X 1000 Watts RMS into 1 Ohms
have enough power to power two kicker 10"L7 subs and also which L7 would it work for the 2ohms sub or the 4ohms sub?? i really havent learned much about this stuff and i am just trying to find out before i go out and buy stuff that wont even work thanks

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yeh that amp should work perfect, with that amp. ANd get the dual 4 ohm version. Oyu can wire the two subs in parrelel and get a 1 ohm load, which would give each sub 500 w rms to each sub. BUt you need to know that hifonics is a bit overrated, and you get about 400watt rms to each sub, which is still ok.

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l7 are dual voice coil. so if you buy the dual 4 ohm versions. you can wire them to have a 1ohm impedance. so each sub will recieve 500w.

to answer your question: yes it is powerfull enough to power those subs. and buy the dual 4ohm versions

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jsut a thoght.I've owned a hifonics 1500 that i used to power my 15 x.x.x..........and it sucked so much a$s!! i got rid of it after a week. at 2 ohms it was supossed to give me somewhere around 900-1000w rms(internet it said 900-owners manual said 1000,go figure). It sure as hell didn't.After doing a little research in the internet i found that hifonics actual power output is a lot less than what they are rated to be. do i little research in other forums and you'll find that a lot of people had the same problem. before you purchase the hifonics, go to a shop and listen to another amp rated the same as the hifonics power output. i guarante it,your gonna hear the difference. thats why hifonic are cheap.

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alright so if they are overrated should i get the 1500 so i know its gettin enough power or what or should i just avoid hifonics amps

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you might want to look into some different subs, i have a pair of them and they are pretty good subs but there are better for the money

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which kind of subs would you reccomend instead of the L7s
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