A few question on CDs & MP3s.


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A few question for u guys...
1) Going from CDA to mp3/wma will always result in a loss of quality, What are the effects of CDA to CDA? Will a copy of my original CD play as good as the real one?

2) What are the effects of playing a badly encoded mp3/wma file? Can it damage my speakers?

none of it will damage your speakers, you'll just small distortion sound that comes with ripping and recording on burned cd's

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Use Exact Audio Copy

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doing an exact dupe of a CD shouldn't really degrade the quality any aside from the effects of the media itself which is mostly theoretical or on paper and not at all audible to you.
MP3/WMA is a lossy compression but using EAC with the LAME codec set for VBR should yield good results, even on higher end systems.
badly encoded MP3s just sound like crap. no harm done though aside from the damage to your mind from hearing such awful encodings hehe

want a good example? make your own bad mp3! here's how:
take a CD, and encode a song to MP3
then, take the MP3 and extract or decode it to a WAV file.
afterward, re-encode the WAV to an MP3 again.
do this about 6 times.
then, compare the original CD to the re-re-re-re-re-encoded MP3. every time the MP3 is re-encoded, more of the original data is lost to compression, and the signal is degraded further.

This is an extreme example of exactly what's lost to MP3 compared to a CD, and while it's worse than normal, it's a good way to illustrate just what is taken out of the original CDA data and why an MP3 really is lossy and inferior to CD for SQ.

I've noticed a slight loss of volume, not sound quality when playing an exact copy of an audio cd on a cd-r.

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Okay..lemme see.. here's an example:
Say i was listening to track 1 from band X's CD at 15/30 Volume (half of total full volume)with excellent SQ.
I then intentionally encode track 1 into MP3 with lowest settings to give me a really crappy recording.
So now i'm playing the MP3, slowly turning up the volume nob and at 9/30 Volume its already starting to sound like my speakers are about to fall apart..

Aside from psychological damage..heheh, no damage to the speakers?

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nah not really. it sounds awful but it's really no worse than listening to a radio station that's breaking up.
the distortion you're hearing isn't caused by the amp clipping, or the speaker losing linearity or anything.. it's just an accurate reproduction of a crappy recording.

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Alrite..cool..thanks for clearing that up :-)
Now i can feel free to play crappy mp3s as loud as i would want to while pschologically scarring others within hearing distance of my car! WooHoo!

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lol @ petey. Good for you! Way to stand up for what you believe in!
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