Best plan for speaker upgrade?


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I have an '03 Sonata and am planning to upgrade all of the speakers in it. Here is the problem: I have heard the norm/usual set up is to put 2-way's in the back and 3-way's in the front. Well, the Sonata comes stock w/ tweeters seperate from the door speaker. My upgrade calls for Kappa's, so my question is, should I put 2-way's in the door and in the back and buy the component tweeters for replacing the front tweeters, or is there a better solution?

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Your best option is to buy a component system, such as the Infinity Kappa Component system. Then, you can put the woofer in the factory door location and the tweeter in the stock tweeter location. As far as the rear, I'd recommend either midbass drivers or 2 ways, you don't want rear fill to be overly bright.

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For the rears, go with mid bass. That's the best setup for SQ for non surround sound system.
Those stock speakers are not as good as they look. It only costs them like $5. The sound difference between stock and component is night and day.

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I would go with exactly these guys have told you and if you want it to sound exceptionally better then Change the headunit and throw in a 2 chanel amp at least to drive the front speakers or if the money's there a 4 channel amp to drive all the speakers. Or if you really wanna go all out get a sub and a monoblock amp for the trunk!

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Got the Kappa's and got them installed, but it is quite a big cluster f**k. I think there is already an amp in there (stock) because of wire colors. Can't find it though and I am reluctant to pull entire dash to find it....

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Well, found the schematic and amp placement in my car. I didn't get premium sound so, no amp. I am still stumped on how the wires changed color, though. Anyway, I am confident in my installation now that I have seen the diagrams. In either case, I found it at under "service information" and "web tech". Glasswolf, Jonathan, and all of you other regulars, if you find anyone looking for hyundai info, refer them to that site! Until I upgrade or need help again...THANKS!!!!

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how good are a pair of Kingwood speakers? 8-way coaxial 1000w peak per speaker? is kingwood any good??? what brands should i consider? what brands should i stay away from?

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