Confused!! alpine vs. panasonic. which buy better?


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ive been searching for a good HU for a while.
i need
mp3 support
2-3 preouts
at least 50x4watts max
less than 260 on ebay or an online store.

MUCH rather have durability &sound quality than cool looks or ease of use and stuff.

ive narrowed it down to two:

1. alpine cda9830
2. panasonic CQ-C8400U

let me which would be a better choice, or if you kno of something better, (clarion, eclipse, etc.)

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alpine for sure

the eclipse 3434 is also pretty good for the price

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deff. the alpine chaeck to see if the 9833 is in the price range on ebay. Good luck

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yeh the alpine handsa down

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damn, really? i thought the panasonic would be better, seems as if it it has more options, like that one to turn your rear speakers into "subwoofers", and it has a 60x4 max, unlike the alpine one that has a 50x4. or does that not really matter...? i guess i'll go with the alpine, thnx.

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yah go with alpine. i have a panasonic but im completely unhappy with it. the 60x4 is not too important. thats a max output. the alpine will probably give you a better sound still. the only reason i got a panasonic was to keep my existing cd changer that was already in my car. but either go with the alpine or look into some pioneers too.

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the panasonic may be prettier but the alpine is built far better.

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Don't listen to 'em...I love my Panasonic 8400. The customizable display is fun, it sounds great, and the aux in is very handy (say for an iPod).

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I had the same problem, and eventually i looked into the pioneer premier HU's and i bought a DEH-P8MP. I really like that model because it goes well with my car, but the Panasonic is a bad choice. I bought one on ebay and returned it soon after because I didn't like the display or the sound it put out

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I second rob, i had a panasonic a couple of years ago and had alot of problems with it. Sold it to a friend for cheap and i just heard the laser died on it. He didn't even use the cd player for the most part, mostly his ipod. My only gripe with the P8MP is no time adjustment like some other premier heads. Still it was at least $100 cheaper than the high end premier heads.

Side note tips, mp3 playback on the P8mp has a real good, easy to navigate folder system and displays 16 characters if you mostly want an mp3 head. Pioneer are also very reliable but will skip if you bang through the gears too roughly ;) My last head DEH-P6300 lasted close to four years in my car and it still works like new.

Glasswolf, any opinion on the premier's vs. the high end alpines. I saw a seller on ebay (IASCA Jeep) selling a P740 or P760 for cheap out of Michigan. Thought it might be you. Almost bid but didn't have the cash.
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