Ripper off bye local stereo shop


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Ive had ground noise in my speakers for a few weeks now and being as cold as it is here where i live i havent had the time to try and fix it myself. I went to the shope where it was installed about a year and a half ago and they said since the shops warentee is up it was going to run me about $700. They said grounds were moved and RCA's were messed up and it was my fault because i removed my factory rear speakers and disconected the wires from the amp. SO obviously i ripped up the ground wires as well. I then went to another local shop who was amazed that the complete lack of skill that went into the install. There is a dash kit for my car but the other shop had manufactured there own janky piece of crap... They had also failed to use crimp connectors (i think thats what they are called) on the ends of the wires. The install over all was a real work of art. The store owner laughed and said that since the other store had caused my kicker solo barics to blow as well and since i still have them he can do the work for a trade of the blown speakers(they are a licensed dealer of kicker) and $100 for the two new wiring kits they will need as well as the dash kit for the reciever and the labor. God i feel like a real a$$ hole for going to that shitty shop... and the irony is that the other shop is less than 10 minutes down the road and in my haste and youth i failed to shop around so a word of advice to everyone; if you are going to have something done be sure to shop around and have it done correctly the first time. just thought i would share my pain and my hopefully wise and helpful words.

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Just think, if you had installed it yourself and it had blown up, you wouldn't be nearly as pissed off.

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Yeah it sucks. Alot of places actually pay their installers for each peice they install. So the end up throwing the stuff in, instead of taking their time doing it the right way.

Something I recomend to people (if they want someone else to install it) is to ask if you can watch a couple of their installers for a few min.
The really good ones will sodder and shrink tube all the connections. The really bad ones won't even use crimp connecters. Even if your not sure what to look for, just watch a few installs. Look at how and where they run the wires. Look at how they make the connections. Look at some of the stuff they are about done with and see if you can find the wires that they added in. After a few stores you will have a good idea what your looking for.
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