Thanks GlassWolf... Best setup for a $400 system? Who makes what?


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hey GlassWolf,

This is my first time on this website. You've encouraged me to become a registered member and to post here. I've read a post reply of yours from 2 years and 5,000 posts ago:
About Alpine type R's:

It was funny how you broke that uneducated Circuit City employee down. I used to work there, but that is niether here nor there. I was simply browsing around on info concerning the Type R's because I have a pair of Type R 12's that I havent hooked up yet. I've recently been learning about car audio, and have some good advice locally to turn too. But your knowledge seems unmatched, you should be my mentor!

Anyways, I've currently came across some good deals on Lightning Audio Amps... and I thought I read somewhere that they are made by RF... Someone told me once that they are only a few major manufactures... so WHO MAKES WHAT? I only know a few of these instances, I think it would be good knowledge for me.

In addition, I am about to start helping a few friends of mine with car audio, becuase it seems the little information I know is so much more than thier lack of "knowledge". So I would like to know what your suggestions are for a few starter systems in the $300-$500 range. I keep hearing about the Adire Brahma. But I know there are so many options. I am just sick of my friends buying garbage like Sony, Pyle, Legacy... and all the other terrible crap that is flooding the markets.

So I think I've found a home for help on my quest to obtain knowledge on this subject matter of "Car Audio". I just find it funny (and informing) how alot of what you said in that one post mentioned above related to so many issues. I can only imagine what other knowledge you post, and as I see your still around on this forum. So if you dont mind, you have a new young grasshopper. Dont worry I wont flood you with retarted questions, however, the subject title incluces the two questions I have for the moment.


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well the Type R subs are very nice.
each handles 400 watts, though depending on the enclosure they can handle more, or not even need 400 watts each. which did you get? the dual 4 ohm or the single 4 ohm coil models? that'll help pick the right amplifier for them.

My best friend used to work at circuit city, too. I've bought plenty of stuff from their stores. I just fear the advice that comes from the majority of their car audio sales guys, and encounter countless horror stories about their installers from all over the US. I really wish CC would invest in competent training for these people.

Lightning Audio is owned by RF, yes, but as a wholly owned subsidiary. Different companies and different mfg plants. Very different products, too.
This is like saying GM makes the corvette so the Geo must be a great car.
I know a guy on another forum who is a designer for RF, and he likes the Lightning stuff, but personally I'm not that fond of it. I see a lot of their cheap amps fail, or just not perform that well.

Amplifiers are mostly made by the companies themselves. One exception to that would be companies owned by large corporations like DEI.
Directed now owns PPI, Orion, a/d/s, DEI, Viper, Phoenix Gold if I recall, and several other formerly good brands. They consolidated and moved all of their production facilities overseas.
Aside from that, the better companies like RF, zapco, sinfoni, MB Quart (owned by RF also), mcintosh, brax, harrison, US Amps, etc all make their own products.
Speakers on the other hand are often made to order for different companies by a few central manufacturing plants/companies who actually build all of the speakers. There are a few exceptions to this like rainbow and dynaudio, but for the most part, speakers are what you'll find are generaly made by one of a few large production facilities for the branded companies. is a priceless resource for expanding your noggin on car audio basics, and some not so basics. is another great resource, as is the FAQ areas of
the brahma would clean out your budget for a single 12", so that's a bit out of your friends' league.
one option is
look at their RE and SE lines of subs, or even the SX line for someone with more to spend ($280 or so per sub if I recall for a 12) the RE line is very cheap at around $60 each.
JBL makes good, affordable amplifiers.
Kicker and MTX would be the next step up for amps.
head units, pioneer, alpine, clarion, or eclipse are my choices.
component speakers, CDT, Infinity, MB Quart, lots of decent ones to look at depending on size and price.

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Thanks alot GW,

I am going to use all your links, preferences, and info in considering idea for future system setups.

I also checked out your website and see that your into comp case modding. Very interesting stuff. I will be making a new computer soon, so many places to get part though. I think most of my parts will just be from newegg. Thanks, I admire the work you do.

Louis H

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Oh by the way, I have 2 10" Type R's... and 2 12" Type Rs.

One ten is a single 4ohm, the other is a 2ohm dual coil... I guess if I hook these together I would run the 2ohm DVC sub to 4ohms, and run it with the other 4ohm?

Both the 12" I havent even takin out of the Q logic box they are in, because a friend of mine was saposed to be buying it from me. I got it at a pawn shop for $125, probably both 4ohm singles.

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Glass that was a funny post back in 2003. I can't believe those guys would fight over everything. They're like pack of "wolves".. :-)

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I just opened the q-logic box with the two 12's Type R's. They are both 2ohm DVC

I have one 10" type R, at 4ohm
and nother 10" type R, at 2ohm DVC
I dont plan on running the 10's together, I assume its a bad idea... even though I could bring the 2ohm up to 4ohm, but why is it bad?

One more thing though, it seems one one of the coils on the 10" work... would that affect the quality of the other side?

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LouieV, if those 2 10" are the same brand and power rating, you can connect time together. You could either bring up the 2ohms DVC to 4ohms or if your 4ohms is DVC also, bring that down to 2ohms and then use them in series or parallel.
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