JVC KD-G700/KD-G800 problems! PLEASE HELP!!!


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I bought a new JVC KD-G700. I put it in my car, and for some reason, i guess it doesnt put enough power out to the back speakers. there is a "stock" amplifier in my car. we slaved one in from my fiancees car (same model), still no luck. we troubleshot wires (continuity checks/ohmed/DC voltage checks), all fine. finally, we slaved in his JVC head unit (diff model) and holy crap. it works. but why? but when we put mine in his car, his car does the same thing. no power to the back speakers. so we went to the store where we bought it form and got a new one. STILL Doesnt work! i have no idea what it could be. when we put his head unit in my car, its fine, no problems whatsoever. I even tried a third head unit (KD-G800) and still no sound in the back!!! I dont know what to do and it is making me mad!

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so i guess its the head unit "family" if u will... the KD-G700, KD-G800, KD-AR800 and whatever other models that look like that DO NOT WORK IN A HONDA PRELUDE! just to let you all know!

Bought a KD-G200 in america and took it back to ireland, however in the states the frequency is set to odd intervals. In ireland its even. For example, the radio goes 97.1, 97.3, 97.5 etc. However in ireland it goes 97.2, 97.4, 97.5. Is there anyway to override this or hack? My station are crap at present.

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Also how do you get to the amplier menu on this unit i lost my user manual thanks.

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I think you want to hold the SEL button for about 3 seconds.

My KD-G800 is a piece of crap!

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how do you set the time on a kd-g700? I can't remember how to do it and i misplaced the manual. thanks

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Do you have a downloadable manuel for kd-g700???
I bought mine from a friend and I need the manuel to...well you get the point

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Go to the JVC web site and select manual search and enter G700 or G800.

The manual for the KD-G700/800 is only available for purchase through the JVC website. Seems like a rip off to me! Take care of me and I'm more likely to say good things about you or buy from you again. This is a customer service thing! I don't want a hard copy lying around! The manual should be available for download.

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Goto Link http://books.jvcservice.com/booklist.asp?Model=KD-G800UC
Right click the link "Instruction Manual' and do save it as...

btw. I have a bad CD stuck in the KD-G800 and can't get it out. The player doesn't realize there is a CD inside and it seems this model has no way to do an emergency eject. Any help will be appreciated
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