X-Over Jucie Boost And Gain


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i have the f&f 2 12"'s subs and amp, where should i turn the x-over, gain, and the jucie boost to where it sounds the best??

put your Xover around 60-80 to start off and the boost about half way up....turn the gain all the way down(counterclockwise)and turn on a song w/ some bass

turn your volume up a little louder that you listen to it normally and slowly begin to turn the gain back up....when you hear the sub start to distort...turn the gain back down just a little till it sounds good....if you wanna center the center the xover at a different frequency just play w/ the amp a little

youll find a way to make it sound....ok...but thats not a very good set up ....Walmart....right??? May wanna think about another sub-amp combo....maybe a kicker 12 and amp...try or something like that....

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best buy....i know its not a good set up, i just wanted some extra bass in my car, once i get a job that pays a lot or somehow get a lot of extra money i may sell this one and then get system that will really beat...but thanx for the help!
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