Dls speakers are they any good ???


Harry Butt
Are DLS speakers better than infinity for the car

Nicolas A
NO! but they are quite good except probably for powerfull BASS performance. ncamocai@puc.cl

Harry P
Ye s they ARE BETTER..
I have 2 WAY ULTIMATE PRO in my car.. 4 of them..
2 front- 2 rear. 3 JL audio Amps and 2 subs JL.
The Audio performance is amazing.. No saturation, no coloration, flat response, perfect for mid High frec.. the play every Record that I have in a smooth way..
And trust me.. I have experience..


Acustic Ing.

Hi there
I have DLS R1070. I found in the box a printed sheet of paper saying that i have to use the speakers for aprox 15-20 hours to achieve proper sound. I experience distortions at a higher level of volume. Can anyone tell me if my speakers are defective, or is it normal to behave like that.
I have a Clarion 4x50 W CD unit.

Big thanx

I forgot to post my mail !

Try switching the cables, maybe the bass is going in reverse so your sound ....
Anyway just switch the wires for a couple of seconds and maybe you'll see the difference. Or if u have them mounted in a woodlike box, does it have air hole, or maybe if u dont want reflex (without any whole in the box) is the box seald properly, are the speakers screwd tight ?? Check this first and maybe then youll the difference :)

DLS are the best speakers I have ever heard. I am an authorized DLS dealer and they have out performed any other brand that I have used. I prefer them to all of my customers and use the new urideum 6.5" 3 ways in my personal show car. They really put out a clean sound. That could be the reason that they beat Infinity and Focal this past year at the comps.

I have DLS refenance 6.5" components in the front and a five channel DLS amp in the boot powering the components, Alpine 6x9s and a ported 12" alpine sub

The sound is amazing especially from just a reference system
My previous install was mainly Infinity Kappa and was louder but the sound wasn't as clear
I would recomend them to anyone who likes good sound in the car

tha booming golf2
does anyone the offical site of DLS?
I need to find distibutors of DLS in Maastricht (holland)

Thanks allot guy´s

www.dls.se (yes no com, net etc) Hope they as good as you all say I about to buy some R36

Unregistered guest
DLS are the best speakers ive had the pleasure of hearing.

I have a Claion DRX9675z CD
All my Speakers and amps are DLS
Reference 5.25 splits in the rear,
Ultimate 6.5 2ways in the front,
2xW612 Reference subs ported in the back
Amps: CA30 and CA40 driving

might not be the loudest but by far the clearest.
great value for money!!

Unregistered guest
Are They Good? No!!!!! THEY ARE GREAT!
I have nothing but DLS in my competition car. there is no on/off pop, no engine/alt whine reproduced by the amps. the clarity in the 3 way iridum 6.5's is amazing. turn them up!!!! No distortion!!!!!!!. I can't say enough about these speakers and amps. The "few" people who are having problems should look elswhere for their problem. "IT AINT THE DLS STUFF!" make sure your crossovers are installed and wired correctly. Check your RCA's. Check your Head unit. if all this prove to be alright then contact DLS at www.dls-america.com

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..it's funny how u pple caunt rite proper english :-)

Unregistered guest
But DLS speakers, though, are supposed to be pretty good. As supposedly is their other stuff too (amps and so on).

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DLS is a very good brand. Anon, the "distortion" at higher levels is probably the head unit clipping. They will sound a lot better off an external amp.

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the distortion at high volume is caused by the head unit, and by the lack of high-pass filters on the components.

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DLS is also responsible for some other speakers, which are marketed under different brand names.

DLS's better speakers use high quality tweeters, which mainly come from ScanSpeak in Denmark. ScanSpeak is one of the best, if not the best tweeter manufacturer world-wide.

Also my VDO-system uses ScanSpeak-tweeters. Car-Hifi magazine recommends this system to be ranked in the top-ten SQ-systems in the world, thanks to ScanSpeak-tweeters.

Now guess what Alpine is using for their top-of-the-line drivers? you got it, Scan-Speak of course !!!
So DLS seems to be recommendable....
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