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Has anyone ever heard or tried Option Groups alarms?

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Yeah lets put it this way. If google can't find it then thats not good. I am guessing this alarm is pretty cheap. If thats the case I would save some money and get a clifford or another brand name alarm with a life time warranty. The bad thing about cheap alarms is that they have a very low reliability, go off all the time for no reason, and all in all are more trouble than they are worth. Basically you get what you pay for. A good alarm that is installed properly will work for years with minimal problems.

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I actually have this, a friend of mine recommended it for me after he bought one. I've had no trouble with it and the shock sensor is adjustable. No false alarms etc. Good value. Lost the manual though, anyone have a scan? :-)

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Hi... anyone know the site off Option Group auto accessories?

Thanx bye

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I never installed it yet..Maybe sometime this week lol.

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I brought the O.G. LD 168-6C, anyone got it? installed?

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Yes, I have started my install today. The only things i have installed at the moment is the Brain, Shock Sensor, Siren and LED. Next step is to hook up the Brake, Ignition and Dome Light wires.

Word of advice. If you get just as far as i do, remember to place your alarm in silent mode or the alarm will sound when you drive it. The Alarm has an auto arm feature that can not be turned off until you hook the ignition kill switch up. Then it can be disabled. You can still use your alarm, just disable the silent alarm when you exit the car. i will post more of my findings here since none seem to exist on the net.

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Hi, i'm from Italy and i've a problem with an Option Group car alarm (Ld168-6c model). I'm not able to access to program mode... manual say that: "whitin 15 sec. after into valet mode, turn off ignition and press the override sw. 4 times, the led will flash quickly and then press button 1 and 2 togheter to go into program mode, the siren chirp 3 times..." but when i press 1 and 2 button the alarm exit the program mode :-(
I'tryed for more times but it's impossible...
Someone can help me? Tanks.

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Hi, contact me, i have the some problem

Ciao contattami pascuz chiocciola tin punto it, ho il tuo stesso problema

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I have the same problem too! I cant get into the program mode. I also see the lights flashing when I open the doors. Not a real big problem, I just don't like it. I did not connect the starter kill and I do not have any problem with the alarm sounding when I drive the car. I did connect the wire for the ignition so it knows when the car is running.

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Help, I have a LD 168-6C car alarm, but I do not have the installation manual. Is any installtion help available for this system? Aparently is manufactured in China by Wellseek Technology Development Co, they do not have a web page yet.
How old is this model?
Thanks for help

I have just installed the LD 168-6C. It is working fine but I am also not able to get in Program mode. I do have manual. I will scan it and post it. My daughter did broke one of the remote control. Does anybody know where I can buy a new one?

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Can someone email me a copy of the manual? It didn't came with a manual when i bought it.

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I can scan manual of LD-168-6C; if you need it mail me ;-) mrturbo_it@yahoo.it . I've istalled another of this car alarm; i've connect all wires but the promlems are the same. Impossible to get in program mode... and the lights flashing when i open the doors... it's hateful... :-(((

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hi, i have good news!!!
for the system program mode, use the key 1-4 and not the key 1-2...press and hold 1-4 and use the key 2-3 for activate and deactivate the function!!!
tnks to andrea for the trick!!!!!

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greetings all,
Just installed LD 168-6C in my venerable old Jeep, the LED is flashing once i connected the power, is there any way to disable this? The manual refers to the LED only in program mode, but I've done no programming. Color me confused.

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Leo : Do you mean that LED flashes when you put ignition on? Or alarm on?

Questions about programming...
Am I doing everythin right...
1) Valet mode
2) Within 15s ignition off and 4 times override sw
3) Buttons 1 and 4 (no 1 and 2)
So now we are in program mode...
4) Buttons 2 and 3 selects different functions
(no 1 and 2, but what is exit button??)

Everythin OK at this moment?

Can somebody also explain to me about programming functions...

1st choice is "Step on brake to lock" Is this automatic door locking system?

2nd: "Warning for open the door" Because of this, signals flashes when I open vehicles door??

3rd: "Rearm" What rearm does? Automatic arming?

4th: "Remind to arm" What is this?
How should alarm remind? Chirps, flashes?


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4 zorbus
i try to help you about programming:

1st: if you connect the foot brake of your car to the alarm it lock the doors the first time you push the foot brake.
2nd: a very hateful function... when you open a door the light flashes for 10 sec.
3rd: if you don't open a door after disarm the alarm automatically rearm in 30 sec.
4th: when you open (and close) a door the alarm, after 10 sec, remind you to arm the system with 3 chirps.

A request please; does anyone have the operation manual in italian language?

Thank you.

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Hey i'm from Fairfield Ca. i have the same car alarm system that you guys are talking about. i do not have the manual, probably because i missed placed it, or i threw out a pile of crap and it somehow got thrown in, damn me. og well, but i really need to know 2 things. i have broken one transmitter and i only have one left. affraid i won't be able to use the whole system alltogether, i need to know where i can buy a few more transmitters. like around 5-10, lol. also, in doing that, i will need to program the transmitters, and like i said, i don't have the manual to figure out how to program them. sux to be me. so if anyone can help me out, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanx, email me your results at hollywood707_04@yahoo.com. i check my mail every day. Thanx, much appreciated.

Jacob Knight
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I have an Option Group alarm and I love it except for the fact that I don't have a manual. I bought the car used with the alarm in it and I desperatly need the manual. If anyone could email it to me that would be great.


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i found this alarm system (an option group one) in a trash can (dont ask me why i was going through the trash, lol) it was thrown out by one of the foreign students at my school. the weird thing is that the box it was in was beat to crap yet all the pieces seem to be intact and never used, the wires are all unstripped and still twist-tied up from the manufacturer. someone obviously didnt want or need this system so they trashed it.

one man's trash is another man's treasure, i hope :-/

anyway im not sure what model i have and i dont have a manual for it to even attemt to install it, which seems to be the going trend on this site. taspankya@gmail.com is my email. if you can offer me any assistance or at least a .pdf of the manaul or something that would be great. thanks.

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Here is a scan of the wiring diagram that came in the manual. I saw that a bunch of you needed a copy so here ya go

manual for model: LD168-6C

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http://community.webshots.com/myphotos?action=showPhoto&albumID=446862441&photoI D=446869777&security=rqnpRb

Link to manual wiring diagram

Model: LD168-6C

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I was wondering if anyone might have a manual for an Option Group OP168-6-C . I must have trown it out, not knowing it. My E-mail address is clsc5176@aol.com. Any manual should work , it has 4 buttons. Thanx

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Hey everyone! I've been reading your posts with great interest! I have a Hitech ht-455 alarm which i bought off Ebay without a manual!!!! Now I've managed to collect loads of info from different forums etc. but not able to find anything on the program features. The alarm is identical to your option group ld-168 (made by same company) so can any of you give me info on the program feature. I know how to enter program mode just dont know whats what. Can anyone help? Email me or reply via this post so others can use the info as well. Thanks

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sorry here's my email address justfona@aol.com

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OK guys this is what I've managed to find out up to now! Hope it helps?

Black ----- Chassis Ground
Red ----- 12V+
White ----- Hazard Lights (O/P + 5 A)
White ----- Hazard Lights (O/P + 5 A)
Black/White ----- Interior Light (O/P -500mA)
White / Blue ----- Ignition Coil
Green / Black ----- Close Electric Windows (O/P -500mA)
Red / White ----- Boot release (O/P -500mA)
Green ----- Central Locking Unlock (O/P -500mA)
Blue ----- Central Locking Lock (O/P -500mA)
Brown ----- Siren
Blue ----- Foot Brake Switch
Yellow ----- ACC (I/P +)
Orange ----- Goes directly into the immobiliser Relay. Do not tamper with!
Green ----- Negative Door Switch (I/P-) trigger
Purple ----- Positive Door Switch (I/P+) trigger
Red Black ----- Courtesy/Dome light (I/P+)
Thick Yellow (coming out of 4 pin module) ----- To Starter Motor
Thick Yellow (coming out of 4 pin module) ----- Starter Motor Wire on ignition switch

if you try to program the module, the instructions are crap.
To get into programming mode first put the alarm in valet mode (ACC on and push the valet button until it beeps

once) then turn your ignition off and press the valet button 4 times (LED will flash rapidly) then press the

"lock/unlock" button and the "option 2" button at the same time until it gives out several beeps. You are now in

program mode.NOTE! Hold the two buttons down for too long and it will exit program mode right after it entered

it!!!!!!After a short time the module will bleep once. This indicates program 1 you then select which option you

want by pressing the trunk/boot button or the "option 1" button. As soon as you have selected an option it will then

move onto the next program function indicated by a number of beeps (2,3,4,5,6). Once you have selected all the

options for the module it will auto save your selections and beep rapidly to indicate this.
Now sadly I have been unable to find help/info on the programming side of the alarm so have tried by trial and

error. This is all I have been able to find up to now :-

Program Features
1) Doors lock by pressing brake pedal. "Trunk/Boot" button= OFF "option 1" button= ON

2) Door left open warning (Parking/Hazard light flash- 10secs). "Trunk/Boot" button= OFF "option 1" button= ON

3) Automatic re-arming (alarm turned off but no door opened) "Trunk/Boot" button= OFF "option 1" button= ON

4) Reminder to activate alarm (10 secs after last door closed- several beeps). "Trunk/Boot" button= OFF "option 1"

button= ON

To learn a remote
The instructions say that the system can learn up to 4 transmitters as follows.

Turn the ignition key to on and off 4 times within 15 seconds and then to on. The system should chirp 5 times.

Press any key on the transmitter (remote). The siren will chirp 4 times for the first remote, and one time for

each of the next ones. The system will exit the code learning mode in 15 minutes. If programmed correctly the

siren will chirp twice, if incorrect it will chrip once.

If you wish to delete transmitters: The instructions say that there is a "clean-code" button within the main unit.

If you press it for 4 seconds, the led light will flash 8 times - indicating that all transmitters have been



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can anyone tell me how to cut off the function that rearms the system automatically? i dony like it. also, for some reason, it rearms 30 seconds after i start the car and if i leave it armed, it will go off while im driving. i dint hooh up anything to the relay. nonoes going to steal the car, i just dont want anyone messing with it. email me at geesnow@msn.com PLEASE-THANKS!!

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Okay i purchased a Hitech 455 about a few months ago and i got it installed 2 days ago after it was broken into (my luck) and they can't program the remotes so the alarm is installed without it working yet. I really need to know how to program the remotes so if there is anyway someone could email me how to get that thing programmed i would really appreciate it. My email is JIGGAMAN62487@sbcglobal.net thanks if anyone can help me if not ohh well thanks anyways.

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Ok.. so i just installed this alarm today, and got it programed and all that..but the led on the dash kinda lightly blinks when the alarm is off..even when the car is driving..its not bad enough to distract me while driving, I just want to make sure its not going to burn up my car.. I ran an extra ground from the brain unit and that made no difference. any suggestions?

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does anyone know where to get the options from??For the locks,etc???or do you think a relay being fired off of the main box would work???

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hi i installed this system today and find that i have two problems.

1 the system will randomly go off after being armed for 10secs

2 the hazards will flash for ages after i have armed the alarm or turned ignition on/off?

any help will be great

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