Will a capacitor produce more output?


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anyone? i got a monster 1farad cap today to help with dimming. will that also help a little on my subs' output?

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Yes, but it wont help with your dimming issue.
Think of the cap as a battery. It needs to charge up in order to work. Just like a battery does.

What charges the battery and the cap?, Yup, the alternator.

Now, everyone in here will tell you that an alternator is the first thing you should go out and buy... I say the first thing should be a fresh battery with the highest CCA you can fit under your hood.

Alot of the time people under estimate thier stock alternator's abilities based on how fast the lights start to dimm, when in fact alot of the time the battery is just plain azz worn out.

Get your new battery... hook up your cap... and beat away.

But, keep in mind if your systems draws more than the output of your stock alternator, then essentially your battery is the primary source of power "rather" than the alternator.

To fix this the easy and cheap way, you simply need to TURN IT DOWN for a while:-) That'll give your battery a chance regain it's charge.
(or in other words "catch up")

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Does a yellowtop have a good CCA? I know it is a deep cycle battery. I know that a capacitor is constantly charging and discharging the power.

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Yes it does. Even the deep cycle batteries prefer to be charged constantly. If you check the battery spec, it'll last longer if you don't let it discharge completely.

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if I recall, a yelow top is about 750CCA

if you have an inadequate charging system, a capacitor won't increase output or stop dimming lights.
if your charging system is sufficient, the capacitor will at best, increase transient demand response time for current supply to the amplifier.


more info at links above

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thanks Glass. Also, if I have a 110 amp alternator, that is good for a system of 1000 watts right?
People say that I need to put heavy gauge wire under my hood to ground things a little better, the alternator among things. If I ground my alternator that I have now with 4 ga. wire, will taht improve anything, including the dimming issue?

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110A is about right for 1000 watts of class D amplifier, but you still need another 50-90A for the car itself for things like power accessories, HVAC, lights, wipers, ECM, spark plugs, etc..

since the alternator is the source of current in the car, yes there are several lines you want to upgrade.
motor to chassis ground
alternator to battery positive terminal
battery negative terminal to chassis
and of course battery positive terminal to amplifiers.
it's all one circuit, so if any of those points are weak, it'll affect current flow throughout.
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