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Hey i just purchased the new alpine cda 9835 head unit and just got it installed today at my local jo-dis and it was going real awsome all day and then suddenly the whole screen shut off and i cant change it and i checked the black out and thats not it, here was how it exactly happened, i was in a parking lot with the ignition just in the on position and then i went to turn the car on and the right side of the screen became noticibly darker than the left and then i was messing around with it serching for an mp3 and the whole screen just shut off suddenly. I talked to my friend at the jo-dis and he said he didnt hook up a power wire from the headunit straight to the battery and thats all i can think of its not getting enough power or something, the music plays everything works just the screen has no display. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me out with this because this was an awsome headunit and the display is beautiful and i dont want it to be stuck like this. Thanks!!!!
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