I need a little help with making a box for 2 MX-1222's


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Maracaibo, Zulia Venezuela

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Hey I have a little problem, I'm in Venezuela and i need to make a box for my 2 12" Mean Machine subs. Oh and the other thing is that I don't have the user's manual

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use 3/4" MDF (medium density fiberboard. its cheap)
use liquid nails to glue up the box, and clear silicone caulking to seal the joints inside the box.
use 1.5" drywall screws to hold the box together with the glue.
make each sub's chamber 1.5 cubic feet sealed or 2cu ft ported.
angle the side of teh box opposite the subs, by about 15 degrees maybe.. to prevent standing wave cancellation. or have port length calculators.
use 4" inner diameter PVC pipe for ports.

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Username: Josemigo

Maracaibo, Zulia Venezuela

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A million thanks for your help bro, yea I bought all this stuff in the US, I used to live in Naples FL. Now I'm in Venezuela but I still buy my sound from the US, I got DLS mids and highs, Memphis Amps and the Autotek Subs.

The info you sent me is more than complete, the only thing is that I don't understand half of the specs and the abreviations in there but with the info in the two links I will probably figure out all the dimentions.

Time to study sound i guess.

Thanks again for your help

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Username: Josemigo

Maracaibo, Zulia Venezuela

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Oh another thing, is there a difference in sound between a sealed and a ported box. Wich sounds better, I don't care about loud, i look more for sound quality

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sealed is your best bet for sound quality

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Username: Josemigo

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Does everybody else share the same idea, and why??

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Taken from a post by jonathon about 6 hours ago....

Power handling actually increases when using a ported box, and it's also more efficient. Cone excursion will be less with a ported box at any point above the tuned frequency, and since the port exposes the sub to outside air, the voice coil cooling is a little better as well. Ported boxes have more group delay and worse transient response than a sealed box. Sealed boxes have little boost in output at certain frequencies other than resonance, so response is flatter, especially in a car where cabin gain helps compensate for the rolloff of the box, which isn't as steep as a ported box. A sealed box controls the cone at really low frequencies, so subsonics are no problem, but they aren't as authoritative as a ported box.

Hope that helps
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