Better bass 6x9 or 6 1/2's? inifinty, rockford,?


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i was wondering, what gives out better bass, 6x9's, or 6 1/2s? what brand is better for sound and bass infinity or rockford. And any type of speakers anyone would recomend.

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well danny u get more bass out of a 6x9 especially if its a 3 way or 4 way now depending on what your doing if u got subs n stuff then you need a good brand and like i said make sure its a 3 way or 4 way pionner is good mb quart is good cerwin vega makes a good 6x9 but i can remember the model ill find out but u also dont want too much bass so that way when u pick up the volume its not distorted and it wont over take the voice from your 6&1/2 if ur using any up front but put an amp 2 and adjust the bass on both ur stereo and amp and eq if u have 1

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who the hell thought up oval shaped speakers? is it for greater cone surface? why not just a bigger round speaker? it seems to me that a round cone would always be superior, and easier to manufacture as well. please correct me if i'm wrong, i've always wondered about this.

if your not going to buy subs in the future, infinity 6X9 is the way to go. match them up with infinity 6.5 compontents in the front and get a nice 4 channel amp. the bass is excellent while still keeping really clean and crisp sound.

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honestly if you want bass, get subs.
that's my main suggestion.
that being said, a 6x9 will yield better bass response (midbass really) compared to a 6.5", and the best ones I've heard for low end extension were Infinity Kappas and Alpine's Type R components.
Both have pretty good low end.. especially if you drive them with a decent amplifier instead of the head unit. Usually 50-75wRMS x 2 for the set does the job nicely.
If they start to bottom out on you, add bass blockers @ 100Hz.

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thanks for all the advice, i do have subs, 2 infinity 1230s and they do the job, but i want to get that fast pace bass that subs just seem not able to keep up, maybe i need to look into 8 inch subs?

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GDay Glasswolf
Sorry to jump in on this thread but I admire your advice !
I have fitted Infinity Kappa 693.5i 6x9s in the back parcel shelf of the wifes new toyota camery replacing the stock speakers, connected the JL 300/4 amp and fitted the Pioneer DEH-8650 head unit.I'm trying to avoid fitting a sub at this stage, and the infinity's seem to be doing a reasonable job with bass, but I still can't decide what to replace the crappy front 6x9's with ? should I fit the same as in the back to help produce bass that will be missing with out the sub and sacrifice some SQ or go for the Kappa 6.1s. The spec's say they only go down to 75 htz, I know this isnt the ideal SQ system but i'm stuck with keeping the vehicle looking stock.(for now anyways) hahaha
As far as ease of fitment goes it makes no difference.
Regards Graeme and Merry xmas

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danny, try out the new 6x9s first and see if they yield the kick-drm bass you're after.
if not, then we'll see about another solution.

as for those fronts, I'd look at using the perfect 6.1 set up front.
if you really want extended low end response without going overboard, think about adding a small self-powered sub to the system.
it won't take a lot of space, it's usually removable, and it's pretty cheap and easy to install.
an infinity basslink or a 6.5" or 8" tube would do the job very well.
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