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Does anyone know the normal range of frequencies for a 4-way system (bass, midbass, midrange and high frequencies) are?

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Audible hearing range of humans is 20hz-20khz, give or take some because of hearing loss over the years. The response of a quality system will extend beyond that, a good system will usually play 10hz-25khz accurately.

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I was meaning more specifically the ranges of the bass, midbass, midrange and high frequencies.

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subs are usually LP at 50-80Hz

midbass is usually LP at about 250-500Hz with natural 12dB olloff

midrange is usually crossed over at about 3500-5000Hz LP, and about 100-150Hz HP or natural rolloff

tweeters are usually:
soft domes 3500-5000Hz HP
hard domes 10KHz-15KHz HP

those are ballparks, and XO point and Q are variable based on the specific setup.

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That's what I was looking for, thanks.
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