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on the dream system thread i believe you put you would want 2 10" IDMAX subs in an AP enclosure, where you referring to the V3? and how would you stack these subs against XX.X and Eclipse Ti

Im looking probably for 1 ported 12 and ive basically narrowed it to these 3 for my ride
from what i gather XX.X is the loudest Ti is good at both and IDMax is a little cheaper and more SQ geared

whatever the choice it will run off a jbl bp 1200.1 until i can afford something pretty and quality like the diamond 7401 or us amps

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also i met this old speaker junkie and he swears that SEAS speakers are equal to dynaudio for way less $ are SEAS any good im not at all familiar with them

i have found all sorts of brands i had never heard of from him like morel etc

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Id say the best out of the 3 is the Ti, but
it costs almost twice as much as the other 2.
the Ti will sound awesome, and be the loudest
up to about 1kw.
the x.xx and the IDMax are pretty similar in
both SQ and output...
The IDMax will do more with less power, and will
sound better at lower volumes than the x.xx.
the x.xx will handle more power, and still sound
quite good, especially at higher volume.

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The X.X.X. is the loudest sub out of the 3, and has fantastic sound quality. I use a 12" ID max v3 right now, and yes on the dream system thread I was referring to the V3s. For sound quality, It's right up there with the X.X.X and Ti, I like it a little better, that's just my preference though. It's not quite as loud as the Ti and X.X.X., but that's really not what I'm after anyway. It really shines in the midbass transition area, it's very clear and precise in that area, and is still extremely good down low. Erik, Seas makes excellent speakers, the Lotus drivers are very good, and Morel is extremely good as well.
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