Radio popping when engine running


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I just installed a new system in my Jeep and it sounds great as long as the engine is not running. When the engine is running I get a noticeable loss of power and a lot of popping coming through the speakers. I thought that it might be the amp ground so I moved it and still have the same result. All the speakers are run off a 4 channel amp so I am unsure if the problem is with the amp or the hu. I think I will try and use the outputs from the head unit to troubleshoot and power a speaker and see what happens. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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move the ground for the head unit too.
this sounds like spark plug noise.
be sure you're using suppression cables for the plugs.
check ground points for everything
make sure the speakers you installed aren't grounding out to the chassis or metal of the jeep.

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Glass, I took your suggestions but nothing worked yet. I do know that the problem is with the amp now and not the HU though. I comes clear through the HU with the engine running. The amp is mounted under the dash which is the same location that the previous amp was located. This one is much larger though. Could it be running too close to some ignition wires? I think I will unmount the amp and see if I get the same result. If I do, do you think that there is a problem with the amp? It is a used RF 4.6x so it has a few years of use on it. Thanks again for your help.
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