Good subs for someone on a budget.


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Hello everyone!

Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about speakers. But I do know that I like Trance alot, that's just about all that I listen to in my car.

Now I want to buy a sound system, and I plan to get it from Best Buy because I get an employee discount which is substantial on certain things.

What would be some good subs for my music, what's my best bet if I want to save money? Would one of those bazooka tubes with a built in amp, sub, and case be good?

Althought I would like two 12" ers :D

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Depending, those bass tubes will do the thing on a hella tight budget. How much money do u wanna spend? Also, what kind of subs do u sell at bb? I live in canada, none of them around here lol.

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honestly, I wouldn't buy much of anything B sells.
their entire car audio department is nothing but junk.

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*BB that is.

can you special order products from companies BB carries?
If so, see if you can get Kicker's CompVR series 12" subs.
those are about the best budget subs you can probably get from BB.
after that I can point you toward a good box for them for about $45.

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glass...i dont know if i agree with you on that one...they have this new 2 12's and a neon box...forgot the subs...but i went and and listened to sounded better than my jl does...thats a pretty good buy considering its only like 250 for the whole deal...not including an amp

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that's Jensen.
besides, the retail street price on a CVR12 is $99. less if ya shop around.
so retail for the box and two 12" I suggested is $250.
with Janana's discount, it'd be a LOT less. I know Kicker's reseller discount program.
They practically give the subs away.
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