Is RF worth the $$$$ for power cabling?


I normally go to Best Buy to get my audio equipment installed in my car. I just don't trust myself or any of my friends to work on my car since it's fairly new (well to me, a 2000 Integra I got in December).

So i'm going to need to put a 4 guage dual amp kit in my car in the next few months. This kit will supply power to a JBL BP 600.1 mono sub amp powering a Infinty Kappa Perfect 12.1 sub.

The kit will also power a US Acoustics USX-4065 4ch amp powering my speakers.

I am wondering what the difference is between the $140 Rockford Fosgate 4 guage dual amp kit they sell at Best Buy and one I found online. Here are it's specs:

Lightning Audio SPK4DANL 4 Guage Dual Amp Kit

FHANL3 ANL Fuseholder with 100 Fuse

17 ft 4 Gauge Crystal Blue Power Wire

3 ft 4 Gauge Striking Silver Ground Wire

8 ft 8 Gauge Crystal Blue Power Wire

6 ft 8 Gauge Striking Silver Ground Wire

BCSP1-PL Battery Terminal with Cover

PD2 Power Distribution Block with dual 50 fuses

GD1 Ground Distribution Block

Remote Turn-on Lead Wire

Ring Terminals

Spade Lugs


Cable Ties

Snap Grommet

5 ft W


And the price before shipping on that is just $43!

I heard lightning audio is made by fosgate, if this is true are these kits essentially the same? I would love to save the $100 price difference and just spend it on a better HU or whatever instead...

Thanks for the help


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Thats the great thing about not needing to get kits, there so much cheaper, yah fosgate is the safe way to go with wiring, thats the way my system was first hooked up, other good brands are lightning audio, monster cable, and street wire.

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forget RF.
their cabling is lousy anyway.
$30 for a 4AWG kit with twisted-pair interconnects.
that is all you need.

I posted the original question.

What else would I need to buy to hook up both of my amps? Would I need just a distribution block? I have an old one from my last car (it's RF)and then there's also a thing that holds 2 fuses, with one wire coming in, and 2 coming out, so what would that be?

Oh, and if they guys that install the stuff give me crap about having to use new cabling and all for the install, are they full of it? One time i had a wiring harness but they told me i needed a new one cause the wires might be burnt out. I just wanna keep them honest.....

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thats your fuse block with the 1 wire coming in(that would be the wire that comes from you battery either 4 gauge or 8 gauge i presume) and the other 2 slots each go to your two amps(presuming you have 2 since you have a fuse block)

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that dist block should be fine.
you may need a few feet of 8 gauge cable to go from the dist block to the amps, but that's about it.
They were full of crap about the harness.
I've got harnesses over ten years old and they still work just fine.

They just want to sell you more crap.
Accessories are where they make their profit.

jay amaro
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if you have an analog or dmm i would perform a simple test to any suspect cable/wire...which is a continuity test and if you have continuity then you are fine.
the only things to consider for any power cable is low or oxygen free copper for more corrosion resistance and for rca's anything thats twisted and or has sheilding.
as far as brands go anything they say is all crap and manufacturers try to reinvent the wheel with their false claims.
the proper guage with a good quality conductor inside is all that matters although more and finer strands are better but then again any high quality wire will be that way and youll know it because itll have many fine strands that are soft and bright compared to something else lesser of the same guage which will have large strands and stiffer copper which means it isnt pure.

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GlassWolf - this place, have you ordered from them recently? I just tried to place an order and their website keeps crapping out with script errors when submitting the last page to complete the order. No one answers their phone, just an answering machine.


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email or call them.
they just re-did their entire site. it may not be working right yet.
I've ordered from them quite a few times. Most recently though was probably December.
So about 3 months ago.

I have a 1991 honda civic and it has a 2400 watt amp powering 2 12 inch cerwins, do you think(glasswolf) that I need to upgrade my alternator and if so do I need a different voltage regulator?

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For all your amp kits / etc. I can save you guys / gals some $$. I get all my stuff wholesale & will pass the savings onto you. So if interested just drop me an email.
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