Treo 12ssi reccomended ported enclosure dimension?


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hello guys i am a new guy on here. my real name is matt. i have 2 treo ssi subs in a ported enclosure that i made myself. i jus wonder if i built it according to treo specs, and if anyone could tell me if this sounds about right:
length is 35" (33.5" internal)
height is 15" (13.5" int)
depth is 20" (18.5" int)
total box volume is about 4.84 cu ft
the port i made is a center port. it measures:
3.8" wide
13.5" tall/long(whichever you want)
15.5" deep. thats about .46 cu ft.

anyone know if this is a good enclosure size? the reason that i ask is because i run on a stock head unit. the signals for the subs get from the back speakers going through a converter for the amp. it doesnt knock that good, so i am wondering what i can do, (i'm already looking into getting a low-pass filter)as these of now are running on mid-level signals i think...
Thanks guys!

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I currently have 2 SSX 15.22 and I actually called the tech support because where I bougth them from was not the best places for boxes. I called Treo and I got great help for the specs for the box. You look like your in the right direction I would just call them to make sure if not you might will not sound like you want. Also are you going for SQ or SPL because it makes a diffence and tell them what you are looking for also. They will be very helpfull.

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Thanks...but the tech support guys...whats the #?
thanks again Land.
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