Anyone herd of MA audio


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Username: Robby_

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i have a 15 " MA audio, 800w dvc sub and was wondering if any ones knows anything about this sub or ma audio in general trying to find out if it's junk or not

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Username: Jmloughrey

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i beleive MA audio is a subsidiary of Audiobahn, not possitive. There amps are bad and i would assume the subs arent too great, i've heard good things about the MA audio hardkore series...other then that i dont think i'd go with it personally, for the money i'm sure you can find something much better....

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Never heard of them

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Username: Suicideshifter

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i do believe that is monster audio for short, i don't know much about them

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Username: Suicideshifter

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try this site...

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Username: Johnnylemoine

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dude, yall havent heard of MA?
Well they suck. my friend had some and they didnt sound too good and they blew constantly. he had them on a Power 501bd. in a sealed box. real high freq. bass. He gave them to his friend and he put them in a ported box and they supposedly hit lower and sound a little better, but i wouldnt buy any but thats my opinion. get what you like.

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Username: Koz1031

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I've never tried their subs but I am running a hk897 amp 1200 at 2 or 4 ohms. I haven't got any complaints. But I got it cheap on compared towhat the audio guy here in town wanted for it. Like about 1/3 of the price.
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