Clarion DB345MP - assigning radio presets?


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Hi folks,

I just got the above HU at the advice of folks here, instead of a Sony. But I can't seem to find some simple functionality I had with my previous Sony HU,

The Sony also had 3 FM bands of 6 channels each. But when the Sony did an "auto scan" to assign the strongest channels to the pre-sets, it did it across all 18 presets in ascending order (FM1 #6 -> FM2 #1, etc). Unfortunately while the Clarion has auto scanning, it only works within the current FM band. Which is to say, all three bands (FM1 to FM3) will have the same 6 channels (in the lower FM frequencies) if you assign them. I don't see any way to make it auto scan "across" the bands, like my previous HU did. I also tried e.g. having the current FM station be a higher frequency than the last one on FM1 when auto-scanning for FM2 (hoping it would pick up where the other left off), but this didn't work - FM2 was still a carbon copy of the six FM1 presets.

Somewhat related to this,

when I select my "next" preset, I want it to move from FM1 #6 to FM2 #1 and so forth, cycling through all 18 presets. But when I reach FM1 #6, it goes to FM1 #1 next - it only cycles through a given set of 6 presets. Anyone know a way to change this?

I can see arguments both ways, for having presets be "self contained" or conversely "spilling over". Which is to say, then, that HU makers ought to let users choose which way they want the HU to work.

Anyway, does anyone have ideas? here's a link to the DB345MP manual, if it helps: a630071fab1/25d1acb1024b802f88256e4e005e2742/$FILE/DB345MP-ENG.pdf


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Username: Redknight

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I guess that's just how it is then, eh?
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