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OK im back again with a another question. My brother has An ul600hc amplifier nad is capable of 2 x 300W RMS @ 4 Ohm Stereo
2 x 500W RMS @ 2 Ohm Stereo
2 x 1000W RMS @ 1 Ohm Stereo
2 x 1200W RMS @ 0.5 Ohm Stereo
1 x 3000W MAX @ 1 Ohm Bridged

can you tell me will 4 12" alpine type r's work with this amp? And if so would they be able to bass more than 1 15" re X.X.X?

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not really thats only 125watts per sub and they can handle more than there 300rms per sub.and im not sure about the re cause they dont have them where im from lol and ive never heard one.

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no but my amp is bridgable i 4got to tell you that. Its bridgeable at 4,2,1 and .5 but i heard running it at .5 ohm load the amp will cut off a lot, and overheat

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i8'd say run the amp bridged at 1 ohm to an RE X.XX 15 and you should be good to go, The amp should put out between 1000-1500watts RMS then if its 3000max....

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Normal X.X.Xs come at 2 ohm DVC. So you could bridge the amp to one ohm or go stereo 2 ohm. The X.X.Xs take about 1600W total thermally.

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ok...kinda dumb with this stuff...how to you change the ohm's...

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the impedance of a speaker is a fixed value.
how you wire a speaker with two voice coils, or how you wire multiple subs to an amp, and if the amp is bridged or stereo, or mono will determine the final load.
you can't change the ohms of a sub itself.
you can buy subs in different coil setups though to match the amp you want to use.

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