What makes a good sealed enclosure/


I'm looking into building [or gettin one made] for my RE x.x.x.

What makes a good sealed enclosure, besides not being square,lol. I've heard some people say that ''bracing'' is important too.

What are some other factors to consider when builing to quality sealed box...thanks guys.

hmmmm anyone...........

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how are you building the box?
the more info u give the easeir it is to answer your question

Thats the ting i'm startin from scratch.
I'll be using 3/4'' MDF.
The box will be going into the trunk of my 01' jetta.
What sort of size will u all suggest for the box, like how much cubic feet.

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go by your subs manufactorer specs, i'm sure if you contact RE they'll hook you up with a great deseign, i know they have a design available on there site as it is. Under the Tech section i beleive...

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on their site they have box designs...very good ones at that for all SQ, SQL and SPL

go by their specs on the boxes

ok thanks alot guys.
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