Why do I keep blowing amps


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I started out with a Sony Xplode 800w amp and 2 12" Xtant A(250W RMS,SVC,4ohm each). I blew the amp after 2 weeks. Next I bought a JL Audio e1800d(mono, stable down to 2 ohms,800W @2ohms).Tonight I was listening to the system and the subs cut out. The power light is still on on the amp but no signal is being sent to the drivers. How could I of possibly fried my JL amp on these 2 low powered subs if I wasnt even running them under 2 ohms?

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if the subs are overpowered, they'll end up with fried coils. that in turn causes a dead short across the amp which will burn up any amplifier instantly.
that's one possibility.
it could also be due to insufficient current supply to these big amplifiers which causes clipping and eventual damage to the products.

you may just have a very poor wiring job for the amp and a bad ground point. hard to say without inspecting teh system to see the source of the problem.

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Here's a though that may be out there, but i doubt this is what's actually happening. Are you sure those subs are SVC? If they're not and you have them in parallel-parallel, you will get 1ohm load for 2ohm stable amps. In which case the amp will overheat, go into thermal protection and shut off. Doubt the power light will still be on though. It doesn't look like the amp is blown though since the power light is on, and not the protection light.

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"I started out with [2 12" Xtant A(250W RMS,SVC,4ohm each)]"

two single 4 ohm coil subs.
in parallel that's only a 2 ohm load, unless he bridged a two channel Sony amp, which would cause a thermal overload and send the amp into protection. Still doesn't explain the JL going though.

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