JL Audio W7 question


I am about to buy a new system for my car and I was wondering if (two 12w7's with one JL 1000/1 amp) would be louder than (one 13w7 with one 1000/1)? If so than by how much?

I was also wondering where is the cheapest place to buy W7's, and JL 1000/1 amps

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2 12" will be louder. W7's are $500 a pop on and 1000/1 is $670. After shipping you're looking at $1850! A lot. I say you can get a pair of orion H2's for $600(together) and audiobahn A18001DT or kicker kx1200.1 for 450 or under 400, respectively. SQ and loudness will be the same as far as I can tell.

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I meant to say on EBAY.

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what does sq and spl mean

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SQ= Sound Quality
SPL= Sound Pressure Level

example of sq in a sentence, "my car has really good sq, everything sounds great"

example of spl in a sentence, "the spl in my car is 140db"

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just to continue what zac said a ibt,
sound quality is usually defined not only as clarity at any frequency, but also things like an accurate sound curve (C weighted), good soundstage, good imaging, good, crisp detail, and can even come down to things like having enough reserve power to handle transient demands without causing distortion ro clipping, and so forth. sound quality inculdes a lot of factors worth considering.
SPL on the other hand, while quite a science these days to get the loudest vehicle, really comes down in the end to that one thing. loud.
if your goal is raw SPL, all you care about is how loud the system can get, regardless of how it may sound doing it.

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