Will my speakers fit ?


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I have Infinity Kappa 62.1i (I think) 6.5" speakers that I bought for my old '88Ford Tempo a few years ago and installed them myself as a replacement for the factory speakers. They were installed in the doors.
I now replaced the Tempo with a '88 Mercury Sable. This car has speakers in the top of the dashboard and when I looked under the plastic covers I noticed the factory speakers are much smaller than 6.5".
I also noticed that the doors have empty "grilles" that look like they are meant for speakers.
Can anyone tell me if my Infinity speakers might fit in the doors and if I should go that way or if there is a way to get those Infinity speakers to replace the factory dashboard speakers?
And if I go the door route and install my Infinity speakers in the doors (provided they'll fit), should I run new wires to the HU or should I try to extend the wires from the dashboard? Probably new wires?
I realy liked my Infinity Kappas in the Ford Tempo.
They sounded good to me even with just the older Pionner CD player (4x35W) that I installed myself and I'd like to reuse them in my "new" car.
Thanks for any help.


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they should fit in the doors.
the doors if I recall, are 6.5"
the dash is for tweeters if you have separates.

you can verify that on www.crutchfield.com

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Thanks GlassWolf.
I did a lot of research on the web last night and did find out that the dash takes 3.5" speakers and the doors have inclosures for 6.5" speakers.
I'm not sure if the doors have the mounting hardware for the speakers or if I'll have to buy something to install my Kappas in the doors.
Anyway, if I can get the speakers in the doors that'll make me very happy because they sound great in the doors, much better than the dash. The sound imaging was perfect (by my modest standards) in my old Tempo and I think it'll be similar in the Sable.
Thanks again for your help


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the sable is a good interior to work with, but sadly it's still a ford.
I had an 89 fully loaded taurus LX with a 3.8L.
I hated it.

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Yeah, the built quality of these cars is rather poor.
But I got a great deal on it and that's all I could afford.
It's a step up for me from the Tempo which I was starting to hate too although it served me well for over 5 years.
I got my beloved Infinity Kappas out of the Tempo and now I'm strugling with the doors on the Sable.
Do I get a 14 gauge wire to run from the doors to the HU?

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14 is large. for those Kappas you'd be fine with 18ga.

I had all sorts of problems with that LX.. ugh. moonroof leaked, engine fell apart, it ate brakes, had to replace the entire electrical system down to the alternator, regulator, battery, and wiring..
it handled like a schoolbus, too.
looked good though. heh

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DId you have any luck installing your speakers? If you did, I would love to know. I also have an 88 Sable
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