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I was wondering at what do you have your HPF set on your kappa perfects? One more question. How much difference does the voltage on the rca outputs of a head unit make? If i was to put 4 volts agians 2 volts with identical conditions would i notice a difference? The one thing that I don't understand is the gap that exists in most people's HPF/LPF ranges. The LPF will be set at 85 and the HPF will be set at 125. Does that not cause you to not hear part of the music?Just wondering

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As you can see on his website, he's using a 100hz 2nd order (12db/octave) high pass on the components, and 80 hz 2nd order low pass for his subwoofers. Yes, there is a significant difference between a 4V and 2V output. As far as the gap on crossovers, no it doesn't leave any music out. The reason people do this is because the crossovers roll off at a certain rate (6db/octave, 12db/octave, etc.), they don't totally cut out anything below or above the point. Both drivers will be playing those frequencies within the gap, because of this it will be just as loud as the rest of the music because it'll have more speakers playing it, hence higher volume. If you were to crossover the drivers at the same point, then you'd get a boost at the crossover frequency.

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as Jon explained, the gap between the frequencies is covered by "roll off"
since my HPF is set to 100Hz, that doesn't mean that below 100Hz everyhting just stops like a brick wall.
the "q" or slope of the XO tells you how steeply the sound will deminish below the XO point.
figure every +10dB is half the audible volume, and each octave down is half the frequency of the starting point.
thus, a 12dB slope and HPF set to 100Hz means that at 80Hz, which is only 20dB down from the XO point, I'll only be about -6dB. Now, the subs will roll up in the same manner, overlapping the frequencies and covering any gap made between the filters.
if you overlap the filters too much, you'll get a swelling in the sound curve at that point, and it'll sound too warm or boomy. This is why figuring the proper XO points is important in a system.

as for line voltage, yeah a 4V line driver will have more detail and clarity than a 2 volt signal, though either will really make the system any "louder."
think of it in terms of frequency and amplitude.
the frequency is pretty much fixed. that's the source, or the music you're playing.
now, the greater the amplitude of the signal (higher line voltage) the more information or the higher the resolution you'll have for the same fixed sine wave (the music)
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