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im sry to post in the subwoofer section but this is too funny.! 0926INGFS10017643&catid=21270&newdeptid=21244#

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run for then 5 watts into that it'll set on fire and wont matter, hell it wont even be matter anymore after the fire

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rofl i know :-)

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30mm drivers, its the same size as good twitters.
I belive JL audio has 30mm twitters.
I only trust 1/7th of sonys walkmens and head sets.

It seems to me most of the crap isnt even tested for quality, but to my audiophile ears it probly sucks.
Now Creative Labs, they have great head sets, clean low bass, but thats my opinion.

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They describe the pair of headphones like if it was a subwoofer. Forget feeding it 5 watts, it says you can feed it 500 watts. Why don't you just walk around with an amplifier all day in your hands lol
N-eways, feed it 500 watts and look at them blow like there was no tommorow

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Whoa, I think they meant 500mw not W. If that's not a misprint, then Sony's marketing department has gone mad. Somehow they've decided to multiply the power by 1000x.
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