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I am going to buy subs, and amp/amps. I know that I want JL Audio subs and amps. I was wondering how much louder (2 13w7's with 2 1000/1 amps) than (2 12w7's with 1 1000/1 amp)? Keep in mind that the 13's will be a lot more money. I was also wondering if thw 13's would even be worth the extra money? I would like a system that could be heard coming down the street from a ways, and I don't know if I could achieve that with the 12's? I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you

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yes u can do that with the 12's. But why??
The whole idea is to keep the music in the car not outside. That's what sound deadner is for. Keeping it inside the car.

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the 13W7 has both more excursion and more surface area.
that combined with twice the power will of course be much louder.. probably close to twice as loud.

However, nobody wants to hear you coming down the street. People who take pleasure in annoying others, I take pleasure in giving the finger as I drive past them on the roadside having their systems torn out by the police department and sent to auction.

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lol indeed
i laugh at people who buy systems so they can be heard from blocks away and to get attention

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what...70% of the people that buy subs r buying them to impress people...i most of the time play my subs low to listen to the music but i love to show someone up when they think they have a loud system..

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everyone at one point or another loves to show up someone thinking they are the badest man ever...its the people that constantly all the time drive around with there system blaring, windows down singing along to bad music that is annouying, its one thing to have a system that pounds like a black man beating his wife in the privacy of his own home (ie the car) but its another thing to do it in the middle of the road (public) as glasswolf's said before, i got my system for my musical enjoyment, not others...or something to that effect
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