Anyone heard of Selenium Subs???


i saw 6 12" Selenium subs do 156db on the TL. (outlaw)(Team Southern Creations)

are these subs any good...

from that i hear, team southern creations is about to switch from Atomic subs to these Selenium subs.

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selleniums are loud only in low power classes, they are very efficient, very. also they dont have alot of excursion although its not needed considering the high frequency people use with these selenium subs.
but there is noway i would run atomic. they arent bad but they just dont hold up. they're built cheaply.
a competitor was running 4 12"apx's(atomic) and was doin 156 and on his second run he blew one of the subs, and the other had the surround rip off and tear the cone. so....being the nice guy i am, i lent him all 4 of my Digital Designs (which are the same impedence) and he did a 158.8. thats a pretty big gain in efficiency with only changing out woofers and nothing else.

what DD subs did you let him use??


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Username: Zacdavis~

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Registered: Sep-04
and i know who your talkin about with the red truck, i helped him gain a few tenths in his tie breaker at world finals. he still had a fuse under the hood, i replaced it with some 4 gauge, that was the main thing that helped him gain, plus we double checked his note, (i had my termlab down there).
i had to help him, he has a cool name, and his boy richey couldnt make it down. in fact next time you see zach tell him i said good job at thier first show, and congrats.
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