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ok, i installed the subs and sub amp today. didn't get around to the 4-channel.

ran 1/0 with a 150 amp fuse to a distribution block in teh trunk, and 2 places for 4 awg wire.

ran one of the 4 awg to the sub amp, and put electric tape over the other one because we didnt have time to hook the other amp up.

at normal gains, you can't hear the subs at all. at full gain, you can hear them somewhat, but not NEARLY as loud as they can go. messing with the bass boost changes this a little, but i get some weird results. i have no idea where the bass boost really is, because its a knob that just keeps turning around forever without stopping.

oh yeah, when messing with the gain, near full gain level, i start hearing a REALLY nasty crackling noise coming from the subs... depending on where the bass boost is.

anybody know whats going on here?

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you could have wired the subs wrong to the amp...also your amp may not be able to power your subs or sumthin...yea the cracklin is not good...your gains are set too high...the gain is NOT a volume control it is used to match the input coming into the amp...what kind of subs do ya got???also just a suggestion the fuse in the trunk... thats not gona do anything...put it in the engine area...the fuse protects against shorts for the most part...very rarely will you break one with power...the closer to the battery the better
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