Kenwood head unit - wiring and problems


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I have a Kenwood KDC-X759 I recieved from its original owner, the company I work for. It was taken out for alleged problems (power-up but no function button action, no CD eject) and replaced with a new unit. It seemed too nice a unit to trash, so I brought it home. The Kenwood wiring harness/connector was included, but I have no idea what wires do what, other than the four speaker pairs, the black ground and the red power. The remaining wires are yellow, orange/white and blue/white, and all on the "power" side of the connector. I'm hoping to be able to tinker with it a little and make it work, or at least be able to get it to the point where I can tell what the problems are so I can get it to a service center. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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well this will tell you can also tell you your cars wiring

for head unit

for your cars wiring

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For Everyone with the wine sound.

It is simply poor cabling, replace your RCAs with a higher quality cable that is shielded, consider shilding yourself with steel tubular mesh from any hardware store. I had the same problem, its just the cable picking up all the electrical noise in the car.

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The yellow is your memory power, or constant power. Meaning that your red is switchable or hooked up to your ignition. The orange/white is illumition. It get hooked up to your headlights so when your headlights are on the screen gets dimmer. The Blue/White is remote power for an external amp. Im guessing you don't have that so don't worry about it. Hope this helps. And Verner who is talking about wine sound?

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There are also a lot of known problems with Kenwood MASK units where the internal ribbon cable that joins the front panel to the main PCB breaks. If this is a MASK unit it may be worth considering this. If it's that what's broken it costs £50-£80 at most service centres to get it repaired or you can buy a replacement cable from ebay for about £12 and do it yourself.
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