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2 questions for a friend:
1. How is Phoenix Gold when it comes to subs. Obviously they overrate, b/c the sensitivity rating is supposedly better than Kickers or a W7, but in terms of spl and sq. (Phoenix Gold Octane-ZR 12D4)
2. do you have to specifically fit a sub to a bandpass box, or can you put any 12" subs in a generic 12" bandpass box


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You might as well throw SQ out the window if
youre thinking of a bandpass box especially
a prefab one...
the same things apply to a bandpass box as
they do to any box...if the subs recommended
air-space matches up to those of the enclosure..
it should work ok.
PG subs are less than average quality...
IMO the only good thing they make is amps..
and even thats pushing it in come cases.


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Don't rule out bandpass boxes. There are plenty of commercial designs designed for home and car that sound good. They don't need to be narrowly tuned. SQ will suffer from the "perfect" sealed box and you will need some good front speakers as they will roll off earlier at the high end.
Ages ago I did some research on prefabed bandpass boxes to prove the point that they were crap. But after alot of trial and error I almost proved myself wrong.
The truth is SOME prefab bandpass boxes and SOME subs will work perfectly. What you need to do is find the exact airspace in the 2 chambers and the length and inside diameter of the port and the TS specs of your sub.Then with some box modelling software plug in your specs and see if it works. You may need to shorten ports and I also found that the way you mount your speaker (with the magnet in the ported chamber or sealed chamber) can have a big difference on performance.
I tested 10 subs and 6 of those could be made to perform ok, 2 looked absolutely perfect and 2 where so bad that it was just a waste of cash.
I would say that as long as the box is made of 3/4" thick material without any thin plexi panels
then try modelling it with your sub it could be ok.
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