How many fuses? expert opinions please.


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ok, i'll soon be hooking my old system into a new car. it includes:
an infinity 7540A 4-channel /93018/rpem/ccd/

and an mtx mono 8100d for my subs /90871/rpem/ccd/

i've been researching at another forum, but i just want to get another opinion.
before i had the infinity running off 8ga with a 30a fuse, and the mtx off 4ga with a 60a fuse. i was told these fuses were not big enough. so just bought a 1/0 ga amp kit with a 150a fuse, and distrubution block with 1/0 ga to two 4 ga outputs. now the people at this other forum are telling me i need to fuse the 4ga wires AS WELL as the 1/0. so i need 3 fuses or just my 150a fuse?? im confused.

i'm tempted to just use the old wiring with the 30 and 60a fuses, because this is becoming a big pain. at least the old setup worked.... i'm really not trying to spend any more money on fuses! i'd probably have to order them on the internet again too, which means i can't install this sunday AGAIN :-(

it might help if someone could tell me what fuses DO. why would i need 3? what is the reason why my old setup is so bad? thanks for your help.

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correction: the mtx is the 8001, not the 8100d.

and the mtx has 3 x 30 amp fuses built in, and the infinity has 2 x 30 amp fuses built in.

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Check out It helped me understand everything.

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Hey Frunjie, I hope you didn't pay $499 for that MTX amp. Anyhow, you need 90A fuse for the MTX amp and probably 60A fuse for the Infinity (couldn't find fuse info).
As long as you have a fuse near the battery for 1 gauge wire, other fuses are not required. However, if you did have one for each 4gauge wire with proper sized fuses, you're providing double protection.
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