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Im building a sub box, and iwas wondering what supplies in need other than my fiderboard. Do i need a teminal cup??? Basically how should i go about to put ithis all together? I got 2 10's

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Do not use fiberboard. You want to use 3/4" mdf which you can find at home depot or lowes for about $20. You then want to use lots of wood glue and predrill all your holes. Measure twice and cut once. You dont need a terminal cup. You can actually just run the wre out the back of the box and then seal it up. Some people prefer a terminal cup, but I am not sure if there is any huge advantage to havin one.
These websites have some good info:

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MDF= Medium density Fiberboard.....
You need wood glue...1 1/2 to 2" coarse drywall screws..
Ive also found that a counter-sink bit is useful
if youre finishing the box off with vinyl or paint...if so, get some wood filler too.

some kind of caulk or silicone..(especially if its
your first box)
If you dont have any kind of clamps...
the only boards that are hard to screw together
are the first 2...the rest are pretty easy.

also...dont trust the lumber yard to cut your wood...
unless the guy really knows what hes doing...
I bought a table saw just because of those
morons... :-)

I dont use terminal cups...I use binding posts.
easier to install, less leakage.
But I play around with placement alot,
so I like having something I can easily unhook.

Just drill a hole, run the speaker wire
through, and seal it up with silicone if
youre not planning on moving it around.

any other questions?

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For some reason I confused fiberboard with particle board. I was just reading an article about how bad particle board was and I got them all mixed up. My bad.
Why do you say caulk or silicone is helpfl if it is your first box?

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Because most people f*ck up their first box
no matter how hard they try.
I did...
Everyone I know who has ever made a box did... doesnt hurt to use silicone/caulk
on the seams even if the box is perfect..
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