Will i be able to use everything?Compatible?
I would like advice before i take my vehicle someplace to have my new system installed. I want to make sure they are installing and wireing everthing correctly. How would you wire everything? Size,location all ths specifics. I want to be better informed before i go in.

Vehicle: '95 Dakota Regular cab
Head unit: Kenwood KDC-MP8017
Disc Changer: Kenwood KDC-C717
Front Speakers: Orion HCCA 2ohms 5.25" with 2" Alluminum Tweeters. Both recommended 20-150 RMS.
Rear Speakers: Orion Cobalt 5"x7 coaxial 4ohms. Rated 40 RMS and 80 Peak. If i can not use these speakers for rear fill then i will not use any speaker in this location.
Subs: Two Orion 10 Inch Subwoofer XTR-10-SVC 4ohms, Single Voice Coil and is rated to handle 250 RMS 500 Peak, in a sealed box behind bucket seats.
Amps: Two Orion (Hott Set-up) T150 and one T300. Both T150 each have 20 amp fuses and the T300 has two 20 amp fuses. Thinking about mounting each T150 under each seat and the T300 to the sub box in between the seats.

New 125 amp Alternator.
New Autozone Battery (the most cracking amps in a battery that would fit the truck).

Thank you for any help you can offer.


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a high CCA battery is only good for a starter battery.
you'll want a deep cycle RG battery for audio use, like an optima yellow top.

the system sounds good, but I wouldn't put amps under seats.. takes too much space, and not enough air flow.
think about placing a board above the sub enclosures, across the rear of the cab and mounting the amps there, under the rear window across the back.
also be sure you upgrade all of the wiring for the larger alternator etc..
for a 125A alt, you'll want a minimum of 4AWG cable from alternator to battery, battery to ground, and battery to amplifiers.
you can also increas the motor to chassis ground with the same cable too.

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The Optima battery is in addition to the battery i have now or do you mean replacing my existing one?

Thought about putting amps under back window but i think the seats and the sub box would be in the way. + I'm 6'1". Would it be feasible to raise the seats, say 1/2"to 3/4"?


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well ideally, in addition to, and isolated, but it'd still be a better choice for running the system without the engine running, even as a single starter battery

first, I meant mount the amps against the rear wall, so they'd be flat against the back of the trunk. that lets you put the seat all teh way back.
What is it with tall people and small pickups?
come to think of it, why does anyone like pickups? anyway, back on topic.. don't mess with factory seat mounts. raising the seat will make it unsafe in the event of an accident, and I can't condone anything like that.
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