If i want bass that people can hear from blocks away. what kind of box do i need to go with. Im goin to be running 3 15" RE X.X.X subs

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ported of course and 3 15" X.XX's recquire lots of power, hope you plan on getting a new altrenator go to and look at the re section then go down to 3 15's X.XX. Those things move a sh!tload of air. Your definely going to be heard from bloks away

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Hey Anonymous, why are you buying 3? 3 subs will give you odd ohms for the amp. Most amps will maximize power at 4/2/1ohms.

I know, Im goin to run an amp per sub, HIFNONICS BX 1500D.

Think that amp is to beefy for the subs, I decided to go with a seald enclosure cause of my music varities. I Listen to rap,rock,techno,country.

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if you have the room for 3 15" x.x.x.'s, you might as well do ported boxes. tuned around 30hz.

do you realize just how loud 15" X.X.X's are...and how much current 3 BX1500d's would draw?

if this vehicle is just a daily driver, you may wanna do 2 15" x.x.x.'s (thats just my 2 cents)...much more cost effective, and in the right install, they will slam!

one other thing...what kind of systems are you used to listening too?

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wont one more 15" only give a 3db increase?

I have never had a system with a ported box. I have always went with sealed. And Yes this is my daily driver. I just want massive amountns of bass.

How many people think it would be best for me to just do 2 re X.X.X 15" and 2 HIFONICS bx1500d. Im goin 2morrow to see about a new ALT and i have a yellow top setting around here thats goin to be used.

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Hey guy, make sure you know what you want or else you will get ripped off. The alternator, you might need 250A cause I think those 2 amps will total 3000W rms. Good luck finding an alternator from a local shop. If you want an idea as to how much they run for, try

If they are places online to buy them then i will do that.

I also have another amp a HIFONICS ZX4000 for my componets.
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